Do-It-Yourself is not a new idea to the family of Jacob Furr. His history is one of work that sweats through blue collars and hardens hands, and his songs are a precise art that expose personal struggles and triumphs of love. Each song is an honest telling of story or emotion, careful to maintain integrity of structure and usefulness of line. After losing his wife to cancer in 2013, Furr set out to create his latest record, Trail & Traces. Recorded in the hill of Northern California where he and Christina fell in love, the record is a tribute to love, loss, memory and hope.

Nominated for Best Folk Act and Best Album of 2012 by Fort Worth Weekly and Best Folk Rock Act of 2013.

He has released 2 Full Length Album and 2 EP’s:

Trails & Traces (2014)
The Only Road (2008)
Finches(EP, 2010
Farther Shores (EP, 2011)