The Robert Gotcher Band is a Texas Blues Rock band based out of Fort Worth, Texas. “Truth be told, we’ve got some old school Soul and R&B influences in our music. Add that Texas/Southern feel and you’ve pegged us,” Gotcher says. “Really anything that has a groove and hooks listeners into hangin’ out with us for a while…that’s what we love to do. We like to find the stream of the moment and jump in head first. Most of the time, we’ll take a good majority with us.” Made up of Roger Burk (electric), Chris Mashburn (drums), James Putnam (bass), and Robert Gotcher (guitars & vocal), the Robert Gotcher Band is all about taking their listeners somewhere. “We’ve all got a lot pressing in on us in life…all of us…so it’s nice to give folks a reprieve through our music, even if it’s just for a few hours.” Gotcher is teeing up 2 new record projects. One of which will bring several new tunes to the mix on Saturday. Hope to see you there.