IT'S A SIGN!!! March 18 2014

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(Thu, May 30, 2013)


Check out our NEW sign! It’s not much to look at “but it has a great personality!” And it has all the bells and whistles – auto stabilizing legs, aerodynamic pointer head, multicolor font supporting screen, & the list goes on. To restate the obvious, this weekend’s Revolver Brewing Tour runs from 12-3pm. We will be treated to the Maurice Davis Band. Not mentioned, but still amazing, are the multiple cornhole* games, giant Jenga, various picnic tables, two rock piles (featuring two different kinds of rocks), scenic windmill, and general I’m-in-the-country relaxed feeling you will experience. Yater’s Caters will have grilled chicken and beef fajitas for purchase.

*Overheard: “That meant something different in my day…” – Ironhead

We always need more volunteers for our weekend event. Sign up here>