AND HERE IT IS March 19 2014

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(Fri, Jun 14, 2013)


We have a lot to talk about but, first, feast your eyes on this little jewel. The best part…we did not drop it. It only took an 8,000 lb. Skytrak and a 15,000 lb. forklift to get it unloaded.   For what we spent, there could have been a Ferrari in that crate from Italy. Is something wired wrong when you prefer the bottler. Yes you say? Just try bottling beer with a Ferrari… It’s no bueno.

We also have earth moving equipment here today building the pad for our expansion. We are preparing to pour a 100’ x 100’ concrete slab on the West side of the brewery. Apparently, the dirt compactor has a vibrate mode because it shakes the entire brewery. It sounds like sort of like the hook in ‘Shake Your Rump’ by the Beastie Boys (a song every craft beer drinker should have in case a party breaks out).

Speaking of a par-tay…the band at this weekend’s patented Revolver Brewery tour event is the Sean Russell band. Remember when you wake up Saturday morning (or have that vixen Siri remind you), to get in your non-Ferrari and get here. Yea, we don’t have one either.

We always need more volunteers for our weekend event. Sign up here>