THE TIME IS NEAR March 20 2014

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(Tue, Aug 06, 2013)


This Thursday Blood and Honey will be in bottles for the first time. Central Market Fort Worth (I-30 and Hulen) is throwing a big launch party to celebrate. Grab anyone that you consider a friend or a stranger with that special something and get down there. The event runs from 5:30-8:30pm. There will be a live band (Austin Allsup), all Revolver beers on tap, growler fills and, of course, Blood & Honey in the bottle.

Regarding bottles, we could not have made it without our expert bottling technician Fabio from Italy. Not only does THIS Fabio know that crap isn’t butter, he also knows how to make the bottling line hum. Anyway, Fabio went back to Italy and we are on our own now. Grazie Fabio.

For those of you who have made small replicas of yourself, we have a new splash table with a few toys scattered about. The water table is guaranteed to provide a parent at least a good 20-30 seconds of uninterrupted thought. Use at your own risk.

This Saturday at the brewery tour and tasting event we will have the infamous Fish Fry Bingo. Big Tony will be here with his fresh Texas Barbeque.