WELL WE'RE MOVIN ON UP March 20 2014

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(Fri, Aug 16, 2013)


With our new bottling line installed we are basically out of space. The brewery follows the same fundamental physical law of nature* as your garage. Regardless of size, stuff will fill it. We have poured the slab and are now bolting the columns in place.

*Formula: \square = \Gamma \upsilon \iota \iota > \o \Gamma \approx \varsigma\pi \mid \tau (Let's see who's a smarty)

The bottle launch party at Central Market was a smashing success. We had a blast seeing everyone there. Thanks for rolling out and supporting us. If you didn’t make it, we are assuming you were in labor, temporarily incarcerated or have a similar excuse.

We are about to fire up the bottling line this morning and get to work making more. Oh, other laws of fluids and mechanics please be kind to us today…

This weekend’s Brewery Tour and Tasting will feature the live music of HR & The Service Reps. Big Tony will be serving up barbeque sandwiches piled high.

Speaking of moving on up:

Here is a fun fact > Did you know that the actress that played Helen Willis on the Jeffersons is Lenny Kravitz’ mom. Yes, she is dead but she is still his mom. And...

Here is a great way to spend 8 ½ minutes > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z66wVo7uNw