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(Fri, Aug 23, 2013)


This someone is currently "catching cases" so today's post is from the wildly exciting frontline. Many of you are probably DYING TO do you guys keep the beer from falling out of the case? Hot glue? Staples? No, that's pedestrian (actually we can't afford it). We roll with tape. To be precise 48 millimeter clear tape. It's the perfect combination of sticky and not.   Check it out on our 3M-Matic 200A from the future in this professionally edited video >

This weekend's Saturday tour features the Zachary Balch Band. Yater's Caters will be here with grilled fajitas. We always need more volunteers to help out at the event. If the spouse gives you any lip, just say, in a confident but not loud voice, “But Hon, they NEED help” and then maintain eye contact and don’t blink for a few seconds. If this doesn’t work – we never had this conversation.

If you are planning to go to BrewFest this Saturday evening, we will see yo @&& there.