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(Fri, Aug 30, 2013)


Day weekend, so we want to wish everyone a fun and safe Labor Day. To help the fun part of that equation, we will kick off our Saturday Brewery tour at noon with Songbird Jones. Nothing like avoiding labor to celebrate Labor Day.

For those playing along at home, we sold our first keg 1 year ago (Sept 1 ,2012)! 2,700+ barrels of beer (7,046 kegs) later, here we are, thanks to you. We are going to celebrate by throwing a 1 year anniversary party – probably in early November. Yes, the party will not be exactly on the one-year anniversary, but it will be exactly a good time.

Speaking of labor, we have a birth announcement of sorts…September 4th will be the global launch of Sidewinder. This will be the second seasonal beer we have made (the first was Mother’s Little Fracker Stout).

What is Sidewinder? It is a Southwestern Pale Ale, brewed with agave nectar, citrus zest and some very light earthy spice. For you fellow beer geeks, it has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 6.75% and 22 IBUs (International Bittering Units).

Will it be bottled? No, initially it will flow forth from kegs.

Is it good? Well, Miley had some before going on the VMAs.

How do I get some in ma' belly? The launch party is at Craft and Growler in Dallas Wed, Sept. 4th at 6:00pm. Input the date into your electronical calendar to remind you.