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(Fri, Sep 20, 2013)


At this very moment, Ironhead is deftly maneuvering the largest passenger vehicle no longer made (the Ford Excursion) down Texas 281 loaded with Revolver beer. The beer he carries is headed to Austin and then on to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. This will be the first time for Revolver Brewing at the GABF.

Ironhead, when asked how he is doing, reports that he is “on the right side of the grass”. He also reports a fine choice along the way – the Wurst platter served up at the Dutchman’s Hidden Valley in Hamilton, TX. No tickets; No warnings; No fuel efficiency. He’s going the distance. www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pSlu2okpqM

This weekend’s Brewery tour and tasting extravaganza will feature amplified music performed live by HR & the Service Reps. Yater’s Caters will be offering pulled pork sandwiches and beef and/or chicken fajitas for purchase.