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has not happened. As it turns out we have not been affected the same way as our Government. Apparently there is a small disagreement between our elected representatives which has led to the U.S.'s largest employer continuing only essential services.

I would hate to be the person that decides who is essential and who is not. Talk about making some frienemies. Not to mention that has to poison the work environment when everyone returns to work. "Oh her?, that's Suzie, Essential Fall Class of 2013...she thinks is, but she is soooo not. (somewhere we just offended a girl named Suzie- "ah very funny, funny man, I make special Won Ton soup for you). Sorry I digress, onward....

So in an effort to find peace between warring political parties, provide a supportive haven for you non-essentials (or if you are only essential Monday through Friday), or if you are National park-less, monument-less, or work for NASA (and aren't currently in orbit), we offer the Revolver Brewing Brewery Tour. No background checks required; No hidden cameras (as far as you know). We only require some greenish paper backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government that denotes we have been paid $10 our Government we trust.

Lock up that canned bean collection, climb out of your bunker and get to the brewery from Noon to 3PM. Our featured band will be Kevin Aldridge and the appraisers. Big Tony will be here with his Texas we are talking about something that is essential!

Hone your beer pouring skills by pouring for us at the event>