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(Fri, Oct 11, 2013)


We are headed off into the wild blue ether flying to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. This will be our first time attending the GABF as Revolver Brewing. This time last year we were just rolling our first kegs out of the brewery. What a difference a year makes.

For the record, flying is nothing short of voodoo. Imagine the force you would need to pick up your average jetliner full of fuel, not slim Americans (I'm not talking about you), and their luggage. What does that weigh? I'm going to guess that it weighs one metric buttload. But yet strap on a couple jet engines and you can put that thing at 30,000 feet and stay there as long as you move around a bit. I can just imagine Mr. Bernoulli explaining that you are actually pulled up into the sky; me…listening, smiling, nodding, all the while trying to figure whether he is pants-on-head crazy or 40-cats-at-home crazy.

You guys enjoy your day, while this mouth breather sits here drooling in deep thought listening to guy next to me complain about having to pay $3.99 to watch live TV cruising through the sky at 600 miles hour.

Meanwhile, back on Earth you will be free to move around the cabin at this Saturday's Revolver Brewing tour. The event runs from noon to 3pm. Christa Russell and her band will take the stage. Big Tony will be offering a barbecue service for purchase. Rock piles are there for the kids (if you don't understand, just ask your kids). Please turn off your electronic devices and go enjoy a beer. Thank you for flying with us. Buh, Bye.