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(Fri, Oct 18, 2013)

Revolver Brewing 1st Anniversary Party is Saturday November 23rd”. For those of you who are Holiday challenged, it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving. We will announce more details later but there will be music performed live, a snazzy commemorative glass, food for sale and we will be launching a new beer!

Some of you more peculiar types have been asking us to brew a hoppy beer. So what the hell – we brewed one to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. It shall be an English Style Double IPA full of malty and hoppy strempf.   It shall be called by its formal name, “MULLET CUTTER” (yes, when you speak its name it must be in ALL CAPS). I know what you’re wondering, “Do they hate mullets or are they proponents of the ‘business in front, party in the back’ life choice?” ....Exactly.

This Saturday’s Revolver Brewing tour band will be HR & The Service Reps. You can treat your ears and feel good about corporate speak. Yater’s Caters will be here in fine form with their chicken and beef fajitas for purchase, among other edible items. All wives and kids welcome. See you mañana.