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(Thu, Oct 31, 2013)


And honey. It is a great beer after-all to celebrate this slightly unholy of all nights. At least you can claim you made one good decision tonight.

So as we all brace ourselves for the onslaught of kids and kidults (coined!) dressed in amazing and witty costumes, don't forget to appreciate the fine art of the Crappy Costume.   I can personally attest to the difficulty of applying Kiss makeup for an hour only to look like an Emo clown after a fist fight. And it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to damn near aerate your hand while pushing dull scissors through cardboard. Crappy Costumes are more rare these days but if you find yourself asking "And exactly what are you little girl/boy?" you probably have one on your hands. Relish in those arteests that work in pipe cleaners, tin foil and duct tape the way others might in oils or clay, for such masterpieces appear only once a year.

This is your friendly reminder…don't forget to worship the one and only Cult worth worshiping. Choose your level carefully for thoust pockets may be drained $.99 cents* at a time in iTunes.

Neophyte >

Rush Chairman >

Inner Sanctum >

*May be jacked up to $1.29

And in the spirit of this audibly creepy Holiday, we will have the band The Roomsounds on stage this Saturday. If you haven’t seen them, you might want to ( Yaters Caters will be here with dead chicken and beef. OOoooohh!