BACK IN FRAC March 20 2014

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(Fri, Dec 13, 2013)


That’s right. The thick, rich, dark-chocolaty smooth stout known affectionately as Mother’s Little Fracker is back. We have busted the ice off of the brewery and are ready again for this weekend’s tour event. To celebrate, we will have the Fracker on tap ready for you. It is the perfect Winter Seasonal - It will cure anything wrong with you from ice lip, snow blindness, frozen finger to rough knuckle. And it helps around the house with drooping gutter, swamp yard, and mudcrete. In rare cases, a couple pints will rid you of that new adobe paint job on your previously shiny car*. Oh the benefits of your local brewery…

We will be featuring the Cactus Jack Band on stage. Yater’s Caters will be here with Frito pies, savory chili, fajitas & BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. Gates open at noon. Event runs until 3pm. As seen on TV.

*Not remotely true