THE MLF ON THE SHELF March 20 2014

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(Fri, Dec 20, 2013)


It’s really weird. Our Elf is in the same spot every day. He has this intense stare but he seems to have found inner peace. Oh well…

Hopefully by now you have gotten your hands on a pint or three of Mother's Little Fracker, our winter seasonal stout. Hats off to our brewers for another great vintage.

We held the second annual Revolver Brewing Company Christmas Party this past weekend. Last year we filled two round tables. This year we filled a small room. It's hard to believe we have grown to a team of 23 people.

This Saturdays Brewery Tour will feature Big Tony's BBQ and the band will be HR & the Service Reps. And speaking of HR...we are very proud to announce that we just launched a health benefits plan for Revolver Brewing employees this week – a major accomplishment for any start-up. Every business boils down to people and we are fortunate to have the team we have and the support from you.

Good luck to you all this coming week – May you not be compelled to blurt out “Filth, flarn, flarn, filths” during your travels. May your guests be as wonderful as your memory of them. May your perfect gifts perform as advertised. Remember, every time you enjoy a Revolver beer next week, an angel gets its wings.

Almost forgot, we launched our new website. Behold the mastery of our web design.