We're Tied March 25 2014

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(Fri, Jan 10, 2014)


It is sort of old news now but Blood & Honey won its bracket and won, well…tied for best beer in North Texas in the DFW.com Craft Beer Bracket. A big thanks to all of you for your support. As an aside, it is amazing what word of mouth/social media does. We routinely get calls from people as far away as Maine, Ohio and California asking where they can find our beer (DFW and Austin, btw).

In another bit of old news, we bought two 1-ton Ford vans to help us deliver our beer. Both vans are currently silver but we are looking at getting them all Revolver looking. Ahh…the van – if there is a more promising blank canvas to which we can apply our design, we know not. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.

We have one post-Holiday service announcement: If anyone hit the proverbial lotto by receiving the Bacon Bowl* as a gift and is not enjoying it to its fullest, we will be happy to take that magical pork former off your hands.

This weekend we will have the Maurice Davis Band on stage. Yater’s Caters will be here with beef and chicken fajitas, chili Frito pie, and pulled pork sandwiches with all the accoutrements. Weather looks good. Bow-chicka-bow-wow

*Surely your joking Mr. Feynman. No,--> https://www.buyperfectbacon.com/