Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct March 25 2014

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(Fri, Jan 17, 2014)


I know a lot of you have been subject to certain “science speak” about why there are no dinosaurs around to pet or run from. So now you know what happened. You’re welcome.

No bipeds we hurt during this production but we blatantly ripped off someone’s dinosaur image. If you are the dinowner, let me know and I can replace said dinosaur with of my sweet freehand line drawings.

Meanwhile…on the internet, we had a nice write up by the folks at PorchDrinking.com. If you have never porch drank, you should try it sometimes. http://www.porchdrinking.com/blood-honey-american-ale-revolver-brewing/

This weekend’s Saturday tour will feature Christa Russell and The Bad Habit. Full warning…this girl can sing. Big Tony will be here with some fresh Texas brisket. Don’t let life pass you by. Come on out Saturday and we will put a beer in your hand.