This is a Test March 25 2014

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(Thu, Jan 23, 2014)


This is a test of Revolver Brewing’s Emergency Broadcast System. Had this been an actual emergency, OMG! We have a last minute change in the lineup this Saturday! The Zack Seth Band will be our band for Saturday. Songbird Jones had to reschedule to Feb 8th!

Summanabatch! We need to hire someone for draft line cleaning and other important missions on the Dallas side of the Metroplex! This person will be physically capable of occasional heavy lifting (kegs are 160 lbs), have reliable transportation, will live in or around Dallas and most importantly be passionate about craft beer and Revolver Brewing! If you know someone or think you are this person, please send resume, references and compensation expectations to no later than Sunday February 2nd! Please include “Dallas Opportunity” in the subject line of the email!

Fargin bastages! Big Tony will be here this weekend serving his Big Boy Brisket sandwiches! If you have ever seen one, you know what I mean! Get over here this Saturday at noon!

Now we continue our abnormal programming…

Oh, and one more thing> ..-. .-. .- -.-. -.- . .-. / -... .- .-. .-. . .-.. / --- -. . / .. ... / -.-. --- -- .. -. --. / ... --- --- -.!!!