COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM 35,000 FEET April 15 2014

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(Thu, Apr 10, 2014)


Coming to you live from 35,000 feet... Retail Awesomeness. So the backstory is that we are flying to the CBC in Denver. That would be the Craft Brewers Conference. Don't give me that smirk. This is serious face business. Seriously.

So I am in my seat. The flight attendants have now taken away all the fun gadgets. I am the epitome of a captive audience. It's not lost on me that we are flying magically, but that passes soon. What to do?...What to do? And then I do it. I have a brief lapse and reach for the Sky Mall catalog. I am not sure what I expected but who knew the wondrous surprises tucked in those pages of high altitude retailing.

I mean everyone knows of the big blue wedge that allows you to sleep on planes (although I challenge anyone to find one in the wild). I am talking taking shopping to the next level. Do you know that you can buy a Roomba style robot that will clean your grill? Too tame for you? How about a skeleton version of the yard gnome? Done that? Ok, how about a squirrel with a helmet and climbing harness? What genius has brought this into our realm? And better yet, who buys this form of high culture?

Preparing for landing. Getting evil eye from airplane helper. Gotta go. We'll keep you apprised of any critical beer breakthroughs, award winning PowerPoint presentations, etc. at the CBC. Serious as a squirrel wearing a helmet....

Join us at our tour this Saturday from noon to 3pm. We have the Tarleton Jazz Ensemble gracing us with their presence and Yaters Caters will be here with their delicious BBQ, tacos and frito pies. Don't miss it, the weather is shaping up to be a perfect Saturday.