Fri, May 09, 2014


Do not forget that this Sunday is Mother’s day. It’s not too late to get her something special in case you had forgotten your lovely Mother, who loves you and wouldn’t forget about you. Let’s be honest, she deserves something great. Only she knows just exactly how terrible you were as a child. She probably is the keeper of all those blackmail photos of you in the tub as a baby so you don’t want to make her upset. If she is already planning on coming out tomorrow for the tour then accompany her, she would love that. If she doesn’t have plans yet, bring her out… after all, you are the reason she drinks.

Speaking of “Ma’s”: Jack Ma, a Chinese Internet entrepreneur, just announced plans this week for what is likely to be the largest tech IPO of all time. But even though you won’t make billions (BILLIONS) this week, your Momma still loves you. Even if she tells her friends otherwise.

The Revolver Brewery tour is every Saturday from noon to 3. This weekend we are excited to have HR & the Service Reps back on stage and Big Tony will be catering.

Cheers to great moms everywhere.