(Fri, May 16, 2014)


Feels even silly to ask the question: Do you want to see a cool picture of bacon? Yes, of course, says everyone.

So Ronnie (aka “Ironhead”) was making breakfast the other day – with the help of some barnyard friends. The hen had made her contribution. The pig had made his commitment (moment of silence) and…low and behold the swine fates shone down on this beauty. Look familiar? (Hint for the cranially unendowed: It looks like our logo knucklehead!)

Consider this to be our official entry for the “Top 10 Bacon Photos of 2014”. If you happened to miss last year’s list, put down that quinoa and reclaimed sawdust wrap and check it out here:


Come out to the tour tomorrow to get other great eats from Big Tony’s BBQ.

Zach Seth Band will be on stage and the weather is shaping up to be perfect.

One final note: We have our first limited edition release, an aged beer, coming out soon. More details to come next week!