And you thought Christmas was over. Not even close…this Saturday at the Revolver Brewing Tour Event we will have Green Light Pistol. GLP consists of four sisters, a brother, and a boyfriend (no pressure there). It will be their first time playing at Revolver and we are looking forward to the show. Here is what Aaron Lee Bentley, a columnist for TXRDR (Texas Red Dirt) had to say:

“They are unique, different, special, and absolutely what all of music has been needing. They are beautifully blending together a menagerie of instrumentation and melodies and harmonies that are beyond infectious. They have that sound of completeness, the feeling of being on the cusp of greatness. And I loves me some Blood & Honey.” (He may not have actually said that last part)

If you start pacing yourself now, you should be able to emerge from your food coma by Saturday in time to enter another one. Big Tony will be here with his county-famous barbeque. The weather finally looks like it will cooperate – sunny with a high of 64o.   Fahrenheit, of course. Do you know that the only other places that use the Fahrenheit scale besides the U.S. (and its territories) are Belize, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Palau? Do you think they would mind if we started a petition to just call it degrees ‘Merica? The Symbol could be “M!”.

If I may jump off my bald eagle for a moment, thank you all for a great year. In fact, our ‘Blood and Honey’ beer was just voted #1 (tied) craft beer for North Texas in the beer bracket. We are very proud to have your support. It allows us to continue doing what we love…brewing tasty beer.

See you Saturday.


The Revolver Brewing tour event runs every Saturday from 12:00 – 3:00pm.  Admission is $10 and includes a logo pint glass, beer tastings and a tour given by one of our genius brewers.  The brewery tour starts at 1:30pm.  Food is available for purchase (barbeque, fajitas, chili, or Frito pies, etc.)