Growing up in a small town seems to be one of the best references for an interesting life. You walk down the street everyone knows your name and blue collar work is what you’re taught. The city calls your name and the bright lights of Friday night can be seen from miles away. Teens grow up on simple philosophies; go to college, get married and live the good ol’ American dream. The rumors spread by people are something of tall tales and fiction. So many of these things are present in the music written and performed by Philip Griffin Band.

The bands EP release in 2009, “Philip Griffin Band,” was just the beginning of small town pride and life lived through a young man’s eyes. They peer into your soul and create this amazing spectacle in your mind. The EP was just the beginning of the songwriting and heart and soul of each line that has been sung across the state of Texas.

Now the Philip Griffin Band is poised to take the state by storm with the release of their second album, “Burning Bridges”. If you want your crowds to experience a band that has talent and knows how to have a good time, book the Philip Griffin Band.