Rock N’ Roll, Blues, Country, R&B, the Tyler Rogers Band does not discriminate or capitulate when it comes to music genres that they are associated with.
With their roots planted in McKinney, Texas The Tyler Rogers Band is a rather fresh faced band on the Texas music scene. Front man Tyler Rogers has been playing in and fronting bands for nearly a decade, with his early days spent in hard rock bands. Tyler’s north Texas influences are clearly apparent by the rock aspect of their original music. Tyler also spent 4 years in Lubbock, Texas, attending Texas Tech University where he was first exposed and heavily influenced by the “Red Dirt” scene. It was really during this time that the signature sound was cultivated. With the perfect mix of “Red Dirt” and “Rock N’ Roll” oozing from their veins, The TRB is currently trying to create that momentum to move from local to regional, then beyond there the sky is the limit.