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Blood & Honey can

Blood & Honey

Texas Ale

ABV: 7% / IBU: 20 / SRM: 6 / OG: 15.7 ˚P / SG: 1.01406

An unfiltered, deep-golden ale brewed with malted two-row barley and wheat. Finished with blood orange peel, Texas honey and a blend of spices.

Blood & Honey Light can

Blood & Honey Light

Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Made with a bounty of wheat, blood orange peel and a pinch of secret spices- this ale is light, refreshing and everything you love about the original Blood & Honey but in a new lighter and brighter beer!

All Cattle No Hat 12oz can

All Cattle, No Hat

Imperial IPA

ABV: 9% / IBU: 70 / SRM: 10

A straight shooting IPA with all hops and no bull!

ACNH has a supportive malt body with a huge and hearty hop profile of a classic West Coast IPA. With notes of citrus, pine, resin and earthy floral for a beer that delivers on everything you're looking for in a robust and bold beer.

Dem Berries can

Dem Berries

Dem Berries Blueberry Wheat Beer

4.8% ABV / 25 IBU

Who Dem Berries? Made with a mountain of wheat, citra hops, lemon peel, then conditioned on a bushel of blueberries, this beer is a fruit-forward flavor bomb that will make your tastebuds do a touchdown dance.

817 Blonde can

817 Blonde

817 Blonde

ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 30 / SRM: 5 / OG: 12.3 ˚P

Made with Pilsner and Honey malts, hopped with Mandarina and Centennial, and brewed with a dash of grace and southern charm, this sessionable blonde ale was made to celebrate all things great within the 817 area code.

Seltzer lineup

Revolver Cactus Water Can

Cactus Water

Hard Seltzer

ABV: 4.8% / Calories: 110 / Carbs: 2

The newest in cocktail inspired beverage, this Cactus Water is made with fermented cane sugar, prickly pear juice, lime and sea salt for a thirstquenching seltzer that is sure to be your new favorite.

Revolver Ranch Water Can

Ranch Water

Hard Seltzer

ABV: 4.8% / Calories: 110 / Carbs: 2

This western staple that has been enjoyed on ranches throughout the Texas countryside is now ready to drink on your favorite patio. Sparkling with bright citrus notes of lime along with subtle tequila flavors and a crisp finish- this dressed up drink is all you’ll ever need for those long Texas days.


Oktoberfest Logo



ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 20 / SRM: 10

A Malty German lager with dominant notes of caramel, toffee and biscuit. Supported with Norther Brewer Hops that bring you everything you’re looking for in a classic Oktoberfest style. Now let’s hoist a stein and celebrate!

Mango Coffee Blonde

Fire Grounds Mango Coffee Blonde

Coffee Blonde

ABV: 6% / IBU 50

Made with Fire Grounds Coffee a local Firefighter and Veteran owned coffee company we bring your your favorite coffee brew! Using fresh mango puree and Fire Grounds coffee along with a pilsner malt base to create an iced coffee blonde with subtle notes of stone fruit and floral.

We're donating $1 per case sold back to the The Next Rung, a charity that provides mental health assistance to those who have served.

Don't Go Bacon My Heart Beer

Don't Go Bacon My Heart

Bacon Beer

ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 18 / SRM: 20

We couldn't go bacon your heart with this beer if we tried!

Made with smoked malt, maple syrup and of course, bacon- this beer is the perfect blend of sweet, and smokey with subtle notes of toffee and molasses for your new favorite!

Hatch Dot Com can

Hatch Dot Com

Hatch Dot Com Blonde Ale with Hatch Chilis

5% ABV / 15 IBU

Brewed with pale and biscuit malt along with Saaz hops and aged to perfection on hatch chilis to give it that extra kick, this blonde ale may just be your perfect match.

Variety packs

50/50 Pack

50/50 Pack

Texas Ale

Blood & Honey / Blood & Honey Light

Blood & Honey meets it's match in Blood and Honey Light!

Split right down the middle, each 12pk contains 6 cans of Blood & Honey and 6 cans of our new Blood & Honey Light.

Brewhouse Series

Gridiron Shield


American Ale

ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 13
A championship blonde for America's team

This beautiful beer is a brewhouse favorite that is light sessionable and the perfect ale to keep you cheering for your team all game.

LGG Logo

Let's Go Girls

Watermelon Kolsch

ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 30 / SRM: 20

Using pale malt with a splash of honey and aged on watermelon puree and hibiscus this brew is the perfect draft when you're looking for a nice glass of refreshment!

RR x Revolver Collab

Big Stick Blonde

Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.5% / The perfect brew for cheering on the Frisco Rough Riders

"Speak softly and carry a Big Stick Blonde" - maybe, potentially Teddy Roosevelt

This blonde draft is sure to quench your thirst as you cheer on the Rough Riders this season, be sure to join us around town and at the stadium so you get a chance to try this new brew!

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